Theater in the Open

These plays are highly successful in terms of audience response and general demand. These plays are designed to be performed on any makeshift stage and the structural preparations of these plays are also kept to the bare minimum so that the shows can be arranged at the shortest possible time keeping the cost at a minimum.
The very short duration of these plays makes it possible that they are produced with economy of performance, dialogue, plot development etc. On the other hand the plays provide a great opportunity for structural simplicity and experimentation.

placeholder1Kandte Mana (Never say Cry)

Script: Brnidabon Dash
Directed by: Murad Khan
First performance: 10/06/97
Total performance: 12
ReviewThere was a king once. In his kingdom nobody was allowed to cry. So the people used to laugh even if someone is dying or someone at a stake. One day the princess died suddenly but everyone was laughing as usual. The story comes to the twist.


dui boloder galpoDui Boloder Golpo (Two Oxen)

Script: Taufiq Al Hakim
Directed by: Azad Abul Kalam
First performance: 11/07/97
Total performance: 08
ReviewKnowledge, intelligence, creativity has brought human into light of civilization. We should respect enlightened people. But does it happen always?
Perhaps there are some people expect others to be more spineless. Wishes people don’t have any say in anything. As if other is like the ox with hanged rope around neck.


placeholder1Aranya Sangbad (News from the Forest)

Script: Brindabon Dash
Directed by: Md. Shaiful Islam
First performance: 17/09/97
Total performance: 01



Dorir KhelaDorir Khela (A Game of Ropes)

Script: Brindabon Dash
Directed By: Azad Abul Kalam
First performance: 07/12/98
Total performance: 35
Review[link]It’s a satire about death in a third world country. Death can come here any time. A mother’s son can die out of nothing; he just can caught into an encounter and die. Even after that his corpse can become a matter of political dragging that can confuse even God.


placeholder1Jontu (The Animals)

Script: Sayed Shamsul Haque
Directed by: Towfikul Islam Emon
First performance: 07/02/2000
Total performance: 20
Review[link]It’s a story of two men’s struggle to survive in 1974 famine in Bangladesh. In this play a refugee after post 1947 in undivided India became a circus player just to survive and a man offered him to this player as a circus animal just to survive the great famine of the country in post ’71.



Script: Shanjibon Shikder
Directed by: Murad Khan
First performance: 25/08/2000
Total performance: 01


bish pachaliBish Panchali (A Tale of Poison)

Script: Rahul Anand
Directed by: Towfikul Islam Emon
First performance: 28/11/2001
Total performance: 20
Review[link]Venomous snakes roaming around the wetland, inhales…hss…hsss…where the rural people, the venom-less humankind have nothing to do but to worship the snake goddess ‘Monosha’. On the day of worship the wetland floats on chants…‘om astikossho munero mata…’ ‘O virtuous people’s mother…’
But the chants even become powerless to the venom… so some people got blue…some got green like Komola. But in this play Komola comes back from death row and reveals the ugliness of the seven colour flower studded with silky thorn…


no mans landNo Man’s Land

Script and Directed by: Rahul Anand
First performance: 01/05/2003
Total performance: 35

Review[link]It’s a story about power and slavery. The way power deals inferiors and make them vulnerable inside. And someday the inferiors can rise up and win their position they deserve.


Mandar the treeMandar (the tree)

Script and Directed by: Rahul Anand
First performance: 05/01/2005
Total performance: 25
ReviewThe name of the play could be ‘worshipping plant hood’ or something like that, trees of this play sing and talk and dance just like us.