• Kinu Kaharer Thetar (Kinu Kahar’s Theatre)
  • Kinu Kaharer Thetar (Kinu Kahar’s Theatre)
  • Kinu Kaharer Thetar (Kinu Kahar’s Theatre)
  • Kinu Kaharer Thetar (Kinu Kahar’s Theatre)

Kinu Kaharer Thetar

(Kinu Kahar’s Theatre)

The minister of state of Putna has abused a woman. The governor general says, ‘If it is not settled by law, the throne will be seized’. The king is now in trouble, the minister of state is his best friend, so how can he submit him to have 14 slams of whip? He advises the  minister to find out someone who will come to the court and state that he is the actual one to do the bad thing, not the minister, so that the punishment will be delivered to him….Jagadamba hands her husband Ghontakarna to the minister in exchange of four bags of money. Since then, all thieves, robbers, marked criminals gather in line at Ghontakarna’s yard, with bags of money; they do the evil, punishment goes to ‘punishment receiving officer’ Ghontakarna. Jagadamba is happy that her husband has learnt to earn money…The king is happy for the throne is saved….The minister of state is happy,  because there is no problem of law and order…Peace is everywhere…..But, it doesn’t continue as easily….The king suddenly gets accused of murder of a goat. The intelligent governor general submits him to be hanged. The king says,’What to worry for? I have monthly payee servant Ghontakarna- Go, Ghontakarna, stand up on the dice and get hanged’…….then?

Kansat…Shonir Akhra…..thousands of people behind…
‘Kinu Kahar er Thetar’ is a vastly discussed play of Monoj Mitra. Many groups in Bangladesh have staged the play before, audience also have taken it with pleasure. Monoj Mitra’s plays are always unique for his story and dialogue manners. He brings us forth to the hardcore truth through humor. In this play, Putna kingdom depicts our Bangladesh. The king, governor general, minister of state, Ghontakarna reminds us of our government, opposition, judiciary systems and the common people. Don’t we have any escape from the labyrinth ever?

Script: Monoj Mitra
Direction: Toufikul Islam Emon
Set and Light: Abul Hasnat Bhuia Ripon
Asst. Direction: Monirul Islam Rubel
Music Arrangement: Prachyanat Music Team
Cast: Nasiful Walid Amlan, Bilkis Jahan, Heera Chowdhury, Sanjida Preeti, Mitul Rahman, and many more.
First Staged: 18/09/2008
Total Nights: 11

Kinu Kaharer Thetar (Kinu Kahar's Theatre)