The story of Mayer Mukh consists of four monologues on the theme of motherhoodPhoto- Dhaka Tribune

The leading theatre troupe Prachyanat will be staging Mayer Mukh today at 7pm at the Studio Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. The production is an adaption of the dramatist British Arnold Wesker’s Four Portraits of Mothers.

The story of Mayer Mukh consists of four monologues on the theme of motherhood. Directed by Kazi Toufikul Islam Emon, the cast features Lucy Tripti Gomes as Ruth, Reetu Sattar as Naomi, Tomalika Karmaker as Miriam and Sadika Parvin Swarna as Deborah.

The story opens with Ruth, an unmarried mother with a young daughter. The drama portrays the harsh reality faced by a woman who dares to break the norm and embarks into something that is considered as taboo in society.

The woman Naomi in the story, is 75 year old, who does not have any children. She tried to fill the void of motherhood left by her barrenness, by taking care of her niece. But time and again she is reminded that her niece is not her biological daughter and she feels the emptiness inside her.

The character of Miriam is quite complex, she considers herself as a failure as a mother. She blames her husband for her disappointment and laments the fact that she could not be a proper mother to her children.

Other than these three characters, Deborah, the fourth one is a successful mother. She is happy with her children and their development. Deborah believes that a woman has the power to make things happen and the ability to do things as they are expected.

About the play, the director said: “The play is quite unusual in its own right. It portrays that, the suffering of women is a common phenomena that is not confined within Bangladesh only. The pain, sorrow, joy and all the emotions that comes with being a mother is emphasised in the play. An array of different situations are highlighted and portraying such diverse characters all at once was quite challenging.”

He also adds: “These actors come from different troupes, therefore, it was a learning and sharing experience for the entire production troupe.”

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