Prachyanat’s full length Productions

In the last twenty years, Prachyanat has produced eleven full length plays. Of these, some were written some of the group’s members, for example Azad Abul Kalam and Murad Khan. The third one is a translation of “A Man for All Seasons”, by the contemporary British playwright Robert Bolt and it was interpreted by Shahed Iqbal. The fourth, Gondar (The Rhinoceros), was originally written by avant-garde French playwright Eugene Ionesco. In 2009, Prachyanat brought out a modern version of Rabindranath’s symbolic play ”King of the Dark Chamber and Others…” and in the November of 2009 it produced Ibsen’s play ”When We Dead Awaken” under the title ”Punarjonmo.” In 2010, Prachyanat brought out a production titled ”Mayer Mukh”, a translation of Arnold Wesker’s ”Four Portraits – of Mothers.”

In 2014, Prachyanat brought out yet another production titled ”Tragedy of Polashbari,” script and direction by Azad Abul Kalam.