1. A workshop for stage management conducted by Pelle Gustaven, Former Stage Manager, National Theatre, Oslo and Knut Borresen, Present Stage manager National Theatre, Oslo, November 2009.
  2. Workshop on acting by Naila Azad, a Bangladeshi theatre practitioner from America, January 2010.
  3. A psycho drama workshop conducted by internationally acclaimed psychodrama and socio drama trainer and specialist Herb Propper on Paper theatre, which is a very popular form of theatre for raising awareness for social issues, February 2010.
  4. A half-day puppet and mask-making workshop by Mumenschanz Maim Group, Switzerland, March 2010.
  5. A dance theatre workshop by Chinese Oprah, April 2010.
  6. A workshop of traditional ‘lathikhela’ (stick fight) organized by Shadhona and conducted by eminent ‘lathials’ of the country, May 2010.
  7. A production based workshop conducted by Imogen Butler-Cole, an actor- director from London Institute of Performing Arts, June 2010.
  8. A workshop on light design was arranged by TDI and Royal Swiss Embassy by the Check light designer Ewan Lukas, July 2010.