Collaborative Productions

Prachyanat’s all of the productions are highly acclaimed at home and abroad. It has always encouraged intercultural exchange and support activities that engage with and explore new modes of expression. Prachyanat actively seeks collaborations with diverse cultural and artistic bodies. We believe in sharing.

  • Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka Theatre of Provocation – South Asian Drama Performance and Lecture, 2004, Japan Foundation, Tokyo.
    Production: Jhora Phul (A letter to a child never born)
    Script: Oriana Fallaci
    Translation: Anu Muhammad
    Direction: Azad Abul Kalam
    Cast: Reetu Sattar, Rahul Ananda, Azad Abul Kalam
  • A Collaboration of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka Memories of a Legend inspired by The Baburnama – Memories of Babur Conceived and directed by Azad Abul Kalam (Bangladesh) and other four South-Asian directors Nov. 25 – Dec.2, 2004, Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto.
  • A collaborative production with The Royal Danish Theatre, ‘Come on Bangladesh, Just do it!’ January – February, 2006: conceived and developed by the team in Dhaka. March- May: Rehearsal and performance in Copenhagen, Denmark.